Parenting & Step-Parenting Counselling in London

Becoming a parent or a step parent can be challenging and brings us up against ourselves. It can stimulate painful memories of our own childhoods as we see our children going through particular phases. Children themselves can challenge, whether they are biologically ours or the result of blended families.

We can find ourselves behaving with our children in a way that we don't like. Getting counselling support with parenting issues can help us be the parent we want to be rather than repeating how we were parented without questioning it. In parenting counselling you will look at what did and didn't work for you as a child and how what you bring from your family of origin is affecting your current family.

Blended families can be particularly challenging. Living with your partner's children from a previous relationship or finding a way for children from different relationships to cohabit can also bring its strains. Having the support of a therapist through this process can make it more manageable and provide you with an outlet for the feelings that will no doubt arise. It is not always easy to share these feelings with our partner so a therapist can be ideal for getting the support you need during this challenging time.

To find a therapists who offers Parenting and Step Parenting counselling take a look at our directory of psychotherapists in North London.

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