Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy in London

We tend to spend much of our time either stuck in the past with things that can't be changed, or thinking about the future - and so miss out on our experience of life whilst it's actually happening. Mindfulness based cognitive therapy can be described as "intentionally bringing awareness to the present in a non-judgemental way." Through learning to listen to ourselves more deeply we can access our own powerful inner resources for transformation and healing - handle stress more effectively.

Those who integrate Mindfulness into their lives report experiencing a range of benefits including greater ease, enhanced creativity in working with challenges, reduced stress, through:

  • waking up more fully to each moment
  • responding rather than reacting to unwelcome situations
  • relaxing more readily
  • bringing greater acceptance to ill-health, pain and stress

The skill is developed through engaging in systematic training in regular, meditation practices and bringing the effects of this into our daily life. Anyone willing to apply themselves regularly can benefit from doing these simple practices. Our objective circumstances may not be changed, but we can alter our relationship with that experience, and so greatly enhance our quality of life.

Psychotherapist Lokadhi Lloyd works with Mindfulness in therapy and runs Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy courses. Please see Lokadhi's profile page for details. She also runs an ongoing weekly mindfulness group for therapists, counsellors and health professionals committed to bringing mindfulness into their work. To find out more, or to register your interest in this mindfulness group, please contact Lokadhi.

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