Couples Counselling in London

Couples counselling, sometimes referred to as Marriage Guidance, addresses the problems arising from adult intimate relationships. The relationship, rather than the two individuals, is the 'client'.

As a couple, we bring our individual experience of childhood and our parents' relationship to our own intimate partnerships.

Pressures of work, family, money and health can also take their toll.

In couples counselling it can be helpful to talk to someone together about what is not working between the couple and can be easier to hear each other in the presence of a witness.

The couples counsellor will also help you find ways of communicating more effectively and resolving conflict.

It is unrealistic to think that, as a couple in a marriage or life partnership, you can avoid conflict altogether. This may involve renegotiating your relationship and helping you to build a more realistic and deeper partnership.

Issues that are often worked through in couples counselling include affairs, separation, divorce, conflict, sex or lack of, money and self esteem.

Learning to manage and respect your differences is also an important part of couples work.

It may be that you come to the conclusion that you can no longer be together. Couples counselling can help in creating a positive "ending" for the relationship.

Therapists who offer couples counselling at Barnsbury Therapy Rooms are Kate McGeever, Kathy Gale, Roberta Musillo, Ciara O'Gorman and Angela Marks

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