Therapy for Poor Body Image & Body Hatred Issues

Body image is the perception someone has of their own body. Our society invites us to believe that there is only one way to be attractive and that is by being slim. Many of us are not and, as a result, can get into a spiral of self hatred and loathing of our bodies also known as body 'dismorphia'.

This is a very unhappy way to live and often leads to self deprivation and dieting (see Eating and Dieting Issues).

There is a way forward if you hate your body and a part of this is to realise and accept that this hatred is not about body size or shape. Rather it is a way of blaming ourselves for what is not right in our lives. If you hate your body and would like to stop feeling this way therapy can help. By gradually noticing how you speak to yourself and how damaging this is you can, with support and practice, begin to choose a different way and build on this to create a happier, more comfortable self image.

Imagine a seven year old child whose parent wakes her in the morning and tells her how ugly or fat she is, imagine how miserable she feels that day at school and how she blames herself. Now instead imagine a child whose parent wakes her and tells her how lovely she is and how much she is loved. How different will her day be? That is the difference it makes to an adult too! We can learn to be that kind parent to ourselves and speak kindly to ourselves so that we feel good (or at least happier) about our bodies instead of hating them.

Most of our therapists work with poor body image and related issues. See the directory of counsellors and psychotherapists in London.

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