Anger Management Counselling in London

People sometimes come to therapy or counselling when they feel that they can't manage their anger. Some say they would like to stop feeling angry altogether.

Many have been given the message that it is not ok to feel angry and have developed ways of squashing down their anger and are often not aware of how angry they are. Some people turn their anger in on themselves.

Some of us feel overwhelmed by our anger or fear it in others. But anger is a feeling just like any other. Anger can be our ally, it tells us where our boundaries are and what we will and will not tolerate. We can to learn to take responsibility for our angry feelings and manage them well rather than act them out.

Unexpressed anger can lead to problems in relationships, violence, road rage, self harm, depression and low self esteem.

Anger management counselling will include exploring your relationship with your anger, learning to take responsibility for it and may support you to express it in a safe and constructive manner.

To find a therapist for anger management counselling take a look at counsellors and psychotherapists in North London who work from the Barnsbury Therapy Rooms.

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