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Psychotherapy and Counselling with Tony Linkson

I am a humanistic therapist which means I am particularly interested in responding to the individuality of each client - what has shaped them in the world and how they live now.

I operate from the viewpoint that no one will ever fully know another's uniquely personal experience of the world, and so in that sense we are all the experts on our own lives. I therefore work with my clients and bring to this meeting of equals my years of training, and my experience as a therapist, along with my experience as a human being. I meet each client with openness and flexibility, and offer an alive approach to therapy where I listen and witness afresh each time, allowing a collaborative relationship to form, the quality of which is important to the success of the therapy itself.

Creativity and the arts are an important part of my life and I regard living a satisfying life as an art form in itself. Reviewing a life in therapy enables the client to see and respond to problematic circumstances from a fresh perspective, one that might at times of distress seem unimaginable. In my experience, even when problems seem hopeless or insurmountable it can be the smallest of adjustments that ultimately generate profound change.

It can be crucially important to review past experiences and acknowledge the behaviours we adopted to survive difficult circumstances. I also think it's important to grow and develop the parts of ourselves that work well for us, and that we rely on our own instinct and imagination as much as anything else to guide us towards the experience of life that we want to have.

I believe that wherever we begin it is always possible to grow more of who we want ourselves to be, and to have more of the lives we wish for ourselves.

Areas I work with:


Therapy can be brief, say 6 to 8 sessions, or it can work in larger blocks which can be negotiated to suit each person. Therapy can also be ongoing as long as both therapist and client intermittently review the work they are doing together; reassessing goals, progress, and methodology.


I began my training in 2004 at Spectrum, the largest Humanistic Psychology organisation in Europe. Training courses I’ve completed there include:

  • Oxford Cambridge and RSA Certificate in Counselling Skills
  • Spectrum Postgraduate Certificate in Psychotherapy
  • Spectrum One Year Course in Psychotherapy
  • Basic, Intermediate, & Advanced Sexuality
  • Childhood Sexual Abuse
  • Transforming Relationships
  • Working with Anger
  • Reparenting Intensive

Prior to beginning my training at Spectrum I completed The Certificate Course in Creativity and Imagination at IATE (The Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education.)

I am committed to ongoing personal and professional development: I am in supervision where I discuss how I am working with clients to ensure I am maintaining or enhancing my practice, and I remain in personal therapy where I continue to monitor my wellbeing and nourish my personal growth. I abide by the Spectrum Therapy Code of Ethics & Practice.


All of our contact is confidential from the very beginning.
Telephone: 07909 915 985


£60 for individuals / 50 minute session
£75 for couples and other relationships / 55 minute session

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