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Making sense of AUTISM: Home consultations, workshops and training with Sibylle Janert

Autism does not have to be the end of the world! - A developmental approach to autism

Most of my work is with families, coaching parents (and siblings) to play and communicate more effectively with their autistic child at home using a developmental approach with a focus on each child's individual sensory-motor profile and most important relationships. Working in partnership with parents at home our joint aim is to help children with autism and developmental delays to develop their whole personality and functional emotional developmental capacities to the best of their potential. The way to do this is through interactive play, non-verbal communication and developmental activities that have a strategic direction and are fun, so the child becomes interested in communicating and relating with others.

I use a developmental approach to autism that focusses on the child's strengths (i.e. not a deficit model) and is based on the DIR* Floortime model, a psychodynamic understanding of the mind as well as other developmental approaches like the Functional Learning Waldon Method, to create a play programme that is tailored to each individual child and family.

I also work with schools, coaching teaching staff to make sense of the autistic child's behaviours from a developmental perspective and how to support (non-verbal) communication through interactive and functional learning activities in the classroom.

I also run workshops, activity sessions, training and study groups for parents and/or professionals on DIR Floortime, PLAY Activities and Techniques, Functional Learning Waldon Method, and Treasure Basket sessions . some of these also as online courses, or in different parts of the UK, in Germany, India, Bangladesh, ...

I am the author of several publications on autism 'Reaching the young autistic child', 'Autism in the Family' which is a picture book to encourage parents to talk about their child and the issue they face (co-authored with Merete Hawkins et al.). My most recent book is also a picture book that embraces the child with autism as a child with needs like any other for ordinary family life: 'MindBuilders' Play Manual: Playing with Babies - Playing in the Family - Playing and Autism'. It is full of illustrations and packed with practical ideas.

* DIR = Developmental Individual-difference Relationship-based

Areas I work with in relation to families dealing with autism:


I am a psychologist, developmental practitioner and the first trained PLAY* Home Consultant in the UK with a DIR Floortime certificate and over 20 years of practical experience with families, children and autism as well as developmental delay and difficult behaviours. While commissioned to run an early autism intervention service in Tower Hamlets, I had the privilege to work with families from many different cultural, educational and economic backgrounds. My qualifications include an MA in the Psychology of Therapy and Counselling (Regents College), an MA in Infant Mental Health (Tavistock Clinic).

* PLAY = Play and Language for Autistic Youngsters (Dr. Rick Solomon)


In English or German
Individuals, couples, groups
Home visits, review meetings, workshops, presentations, activity sessions


Telephone: 07726 726 729


FREE Initial Phone Call
My hourly rate is £75

Home Consultations are normally 3 hours: Home Visit (2 hours) + Review Meeting (1 hour, usually at BTR)

This may include: recommendations, interactive video-feedback regarding strategies, play activities, parenting, behaviour (as appropriate).

For more details on fees and for costs for workshops, training sessions, study groups vary: please contact me or see respective flyer/info.


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