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Psychotherapy and Mindfulness with Lokadhī Lloyd

You may be struggling with something in your life at the moment - perhaps feeling stuck, or with an underlying sense of unease. Maybe you're facing a particular life crisis, or dealing with ongoing challenges and feeling in need of support.

I have something distinct to offer as one of very few people with a specific training in bringing mindfulness-based approaches to therapy and counselling – both one-to-one and group therapy.

I offer both short-term (time-limited) and long-term (open-ended) work. Essential to whatever approach we take is that the relationship is based on trust - a sense that whatever you want to bring to your session will be received non-judgementally and with empathy. Our initial session would be a chance to discuss what brings you to therapy, and to see if we might work together. By the end of the session you may feel ready to commit to a block of eight sessions, or you might want some time to think things through further.

You may need to understand and explore past experiences that continue to influence unhelpful patterns in the present. Or you may find it useful simply to engage fully in the present moment, without getting caught up in trying to rationalise your responses. In counselling and psychotherapy these two approaches can complement one another - offering the opportunity to become more yourself; more open to your experience, whatever it may be.

I offer a safe, confidential space where you can explore things that trouble you - whatever may be holding you back. At the heart of the way I work is the belief that we all have the resources to reach our potential. Please look at my website:
www.mindfulnesstherapy.co.uk or my listings at www.counselling-directory.org.uk and www.bacp.co.uk/seeking_therapist.


Working in a group can be a positive alternative, or addition, to one-to-one therapy. Bringing mindful awareness to how we experience ourselves - and others - in group contexts provides an opportunity to explore unresolved issues that continue to surface in the family, at work, and socially; can offer new ways of processing difficult emotions that recur or don't seem to shift.

I run an ongoing weekly mindfulness group for therapists, counsellors and health professionals committed to bringing mindfulness into their work. To find out more, or to register your interest in this group, please contact me.


In addition to offering one-to-one therapy I've run Mindfulness courses in the voluntary and private sectors for many years. I offer 9-week Mindfulness-based courses, as well as practice days and workshops for those interested in exploring whether Mindfulness might be helpful to them, and for those with an ongoing Mindfulness practice who would like a top-up. For up-to-date information about forthcoming courses and other mindfulness events, please see: www.mindfulnesstherapy.co.uk/ mindfulness-courses-london

Psychosynthesis and Mindfulness

My own journey of self-exploration grew from a sense of dissatisfaction with the way I was responding to my life - a recognition that I was unhappy. Inspired by the patient, experienced meditation teachers, therapists and counsellors who've helped me make sense of my own muddle, I was drawn to Psychosynthesis - an integrative, phenomenological psychotherapeutic training based on humanistic principles which, equally, accepts a spiritual dimension to our experience. At the same time, I've trained with the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice (www.bangor.ac.uk/mindfulness) in Mindfulness-Based Approaches - a model that draws on traditional meditation practices and contemporary understandings of neuroscience.

Psychosynthesis and Mindfulness both share a common base in body awareness. Working one-to-one as a therapist or counsellor, I integrate these approaches; making myself available to whatever you, as the client, choose to bring - at your pace - to your session.

While both approaches (Psychosynthesis and Mindfulness) draw on spiritual traditions my approach is entirely secular, unless a client specifically wishes to bring a spiritual dimension to our work.


In addition to having been an artist and curator for many years, I've a background in the City of London with a career in recruitment, training and management development and have worked part-time as a student counsellor at a London university. I also bring my understanding and experience of the challenges of running a small business.

Areas I work with:

Qualifications and Training

Following several years' training, I have a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychosynthesis Counselling. I hold a Postgraduate Diploma in Mindfulness-Based Approaches for which I studied for five years. I'm qualified in the Breathworks Mindfulness approach to managing chronic pain and illness, and am a Member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) whose ethical and professional codes I observe. I am regularly supervised by experienced Psychosynthesis-trained and Mindfulness practitioners, and maintain continuing professional development through frequent training courses and retreats. I am myself a supervisor and trainer of teachers of Mindfulness-based Approaches.


Telephone: 07864 292 599
Email: www.mindfulnesstherapy.co.uk/ contact


I charge £60 for each 50-minute session.
I have some discounted spaces for students and those who are currently unemployed or on a low income.

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