Dominique Antiglio
Dominique Antilio Sophrologist in London

Telephone: 07527 587 177

Sophrology and sophro-coaching with Dominique Antiglio

Sophrology is a method, a practise and a philosophy.
Its aim is to ease and overcome a wide range of physical, mental or emotional symptoms and assist in self-development.
Sophrology uses breathing techniques, relaxation techniques, gentle body movement, visualisation, guided meditation and sound through the simple use of the voice. It benefits simultaneously the body, mind and soul giving you new ways to contact your inner-resources and liberate hidden potentials. It then enables you to deal much more easily and efficiently with specific issues or life situations.
Whilst new to the UK, Sophrology is widely used on the Continent and is applied in many different settings including: schools, hospitals, corporate environments etc.

Sophrology is easy to practice, and has been found particularly helpful:

  • In any difficult life situation encountered for example at work, in relationships, in the family, at school or during pregnancy
  • When feeling overwhelmed, worried or stressed out
  • In burnout prevention, in burnout, anxiety, depression, phobia
  • To relieve symptoms such as sleep disorders, tiredness, back pains, migraines, digestive problems (ex.IBS), ME ,overweight
  • To prepare for a specific event such as: exams, a surgery, giving a speech, a stage-performance, giving birth, a competition, a wedding
  • In dealing with illnesses and coping with chronic illnesses
  • In coping with medical treatments
  • To cope with emotions such as anger, frustration or sadness, to cope with life changes, to improve communication and concentration
  • To boost confidence and security, to improve energy levels, to reinforce positive thoughts
  • To promote health and well-being
  • For self-discovery, self-development and transformation
  • For people who support others such as health care practitioners and teachers
  • To feel more free, to be more conscious, more creative, more positive, more relaxed, to learn to be more present.

During each session, I will provide the space for you to express yourself, help you to define what your exact needs are, and then work with you to tailor the method to your individual needs. You will then be guided trough practical exercises based on conscious breathing, concentration, easy body movements and use of the voice that will allow you to free you from inner tensions and relax. You will gently build your path of exploration, so that your discoveries help you transform step by step, when you are ready to do so.

All the exercises can then be practiced at home or at work.

Originally trained as an Osteopath, I have very often witnessed positive changes in people's bodies, minds and lives following Sophrology sessions. I encountered Sophrology at a young age and have practiced it since, which has greatly contributed to my overall well-being.
I believe that the beauty and power of Sophrology lies in its simplicity, combined with the level of depth at which one wishes to practice it. It succeeds in making the art of transformation accessible to everyone, irrespective of their age, health, or personality, whether active or more contemplative, through a gradual and safe process.
Wanting to further share the technique and its philosophy, I was very fortunate to be trained by the founder of Sophrology, Prof. Caycedo himself, and other great people in the field in Switzerland where the method is well-respected.

Areas I work with:

Because Sophrology works from a mind/body/soul perspective, the areas I can apply it to are numerous; here are other examples.

Qualifications and training:

  • Currently further exploring the connexions between voice’s sounds and its effects on body/mind studying at the British Academy of Sound Therapy
  • Worked for the last 5 years at the Académie Suisse de Sophrologie (Swiss Sophrology Academy), in Switzerland, leading group sessions and workshops
  • Worked for the last 10 years as a Sophrologist and Osteopath in my own practice in Switzerland also in collaboration with other practitioners
  • Master specialist in Sophrology, Fondation Alfonso Caycedo, Andorra (2006)
  • Certified Caycedian Sophrologist, Académie Suisse de Sophrologie, Switzerland (2004)
  • Extensive training in the different fields of Sophrology, notably in Sophrologie Ludique (1992 til today)
  • Extensive further training in Osteopathy especially in the cranial field in the US, UK, Canada, France and Switzerland allowing specialization with babies, children and pregnancy (2001-2010)
  • Osteopath Bsc.(Hons)Ost., European School of Osteopathy, Maidstone,UK (2001)


In English or in French
Individual sessions
Group sessions: if you wish to practice as a group or/and on a specific theme, please ask.


Telephone: 07527 587 177


£85 an hour
£350 for a block of 5 sessions
Cancellation fees apply: full payment if cancellation within 24hrs of appointment

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