Dominic Goldberg
Dominic Goldberg North London Counsellor for Mens Issues

Telephone: 07496 387 013

Psychotherapy and Counselling with Dominic Goldberg

I believe we all have the ability to become more of who we are and that the therapeutic relationship can play an important role in bringing this about. To have somebody there for you over time and on a regular basis can in itself have a positive influence on self-esteem, confidence and resilience.

I am an integrative therapist, using a range of different therapeutic models to help my clients get to wherever it is they want to go to. I work both cognitively (mind) and somatically (body - this does not involve touch between client and therapist) to help clients gain an insight and understanding of how they maintain unwanted patterns and behaviours, and how to go about changing them.

When working with you I see you as an individual with your own unique set of experiences and life history. It may be that you are feeling anxious or depressed or that you are struggling with low self-esteem, or that you have a difficult relationship or specific issue that you want to work on.

Whatever your challenges are, I provide a safe and confidential environment for you to talk them through, to hear your own voice and to feel supported in finding new ways of managing, responding and relating to yourself and others.

Areas I work with:

I have worked with clients on a wide range of issues including:

I have a strong interest in men’s issues and believe that counselling and psychotherapy can play an important role in helping men to define themselves and shape their lives. As a parent I also believe that men have an important part to play in family life and that therapy can support men to do this congruently in line with their own values.

As a musician, actor and former freelance professional in the creative industries I also have a strong interest in how we connect with our creativity, how to overcome creative block, stage fright and other challenges and pressures that arise when seeking to live creatively.

Qualifications and training

I have undergone extensive training and am in ongoing training, supervision and professional development at Spectrum Therapy, a UKCP registered centre for humanistic psychotherapy.


Telephone: 07496 387 013


£60 for individuals for 50 minute session

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