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Telephone: 07944 722 539

Ciara O'Gorman
Couple, Individual & Family Psychotherapist
EMDR Europe Accredited Practitioner
(MSc. Systemic Family Psychotherapy, B.Soc Sc (hons), PG Dip. Integrative Psychotherapy, UKCP & BACP registered)

I consider therapy to be a reflective space for useful change to occur. In essence therapy is a conversation and an invitation to feel, think and behave in new or different ways. I draw from a diverse range of skills and clinical expertise to ensure therapy is a worthwhile and val-uable experience for individuals, couples and families seeking change.

Investing in therapy can be a big decision. Whilst working through difficulties can seem daunting, working collaboratively at a pace that suits you can make this experience hugely rewarding. A confidential space for reflection, action and change is assured. Your feedback is central to the progress of the work.

Please feel free to get in touch if you would like any further details or to book in for an initial session.

What you can expect from your first session…

Our initial session will identify what is most useful for you/ you & your partner/ family to address and areas of change you would like, subsequent sessions are uniquely tailored to achieve those aims. Tasks may be suggested to allow for maximal change to happen in be-tween sessions.

We can agree a timescale of sessions and this is reviewed regularly to ensure you are getting what you want from therapy. I usually suggest a weekly commitment to sessions for individuals and fortnightly for couple or family work with a minimum of six sessions.

Individual therapy

My aim is to facilitate desired change. I incorporate a number of different approaches to tailor to your needs. Integrative Psychotherapy draws on different therapeutic modalities to effect change. Each one (psychodynamic, CBT and Humanistic/ person centred) offers unique ways to facilitate personal growth and maximise potential for change.

I integrate Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Solution Focused Therapy, psycho-education and Narrative therapy into individual and relationship work to maximise change. Our work will look at schemas or stories that we have created about ourselves over time that can make us feel constrained. I provide dynamic interventions to get rid of unwanted thoughts and build on new more desirable stories that support improved patterns of thinking and behaving.

I also offer Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy for individuals who wish to address difficult or traumatic experiences. EMDR is used as a tool to work with distressing past or present life events. It can also be used to treat phobias and anxiety.

Couple therapy

Systemic based couple therapy provides a rich opportunity to view your relationship from a new perspective. The work is collaborative and invites you and your partner to feel more comfortable to experiment with new ideas.

Although the work often addresses conflict and communication difficulties I take a solution based approach to look at what is also working well (instead of just focusing on what isn’t). There may be unhelpful or stuck patterns in the relationship that may initially seem difficult to shift. My use of questions are aimed at keeping you both engaged and interested in the views of the other. This work can at times seem challenging but allows you both to stay present and active in the work together.

The opportunity to reflect on early family/ life experiences is a useful part of this process and can reflect how our ideas of the world have been shaped. I incorporate the use of a family genogram to give a pictorial view of family patterns and relationship styles.

Drawing from my own expertise I will share my thoughts and ideas throughout the session. I offer feedback on the patterns that I identify and suggest tasks to help you to break out of unhelpful ways of communicating or behaving.

Family therapy

Family therapy also known as systemic psychotherapy has a very strong evidence base. Desired change can happen very quickly- especially if the family members are motivated to experiment with new ideas and activate these in their relationship.

A systemic perspective takes the view that there is no one single member in a family who is the problem- rather the problem lies in the relationship- thus allowing each member to make changes that affect the other and contribute towards improved relationships.

A closer examination of the relationships- how two or more people relate, form attachments and communicate provides the clues for useful change.

The opportunity to reflect on early family/ life experiences is a useful part of this process and can reflect how our ideas of the world have been shaped. I incorporate the use of a family genogram to further explore value system, stories through the generations, patterns and con-nections. This can be a rich way to elicit and track important themes pertinent to the work. This can be very helpful in supporting your understanding of why someone in your family re-sponds or reacts to things in certain ways.

I work with all types of family constellations; mother/ father and child dyad or triad/ both par-ents and their adult/ children/ adolescents as well as sibling groups.

Systemic psychotherapy offers a wide ranging toolkit to work effectively with couples and families. Interventions identify both helpful and unhelpful patterns in communication within the context of relationships. Working with what is working well (instead of just focusing on what isn't) can accelerate desired change. The opportunity to reflect on early family/ life experiences is a useful part of this process and can reflect how our ideas of the world have been shaped.

Areas I work with:

  • Anxiety | panic disorder | phobias
  • Relationship issues; infidelity | separation | attachment difficulties
  • Trauma; Abuse | emotional distress | dissociation
  • CBT; Self Esteem building | poor self image | negative thinking | depression
  • Sexuality | Gender Identity | Gender dysphoria
  • Communication skills | managing finances | domestic issues
  • Abortion | miscarriage | infertility | birth trauma
  • ADHD | ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)
  • Behavioural problems with children


  • MSc Systemic Psychotherapy (couple/ family therapy)
  • PG Cert Systemic Practice specialising in Couples & Family
  • Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (Dan Hughes specialised attachment trauma therapy)
  • EMDR, levels 1-3 Accredited Practitioner with EMDR UK & Ireland
  • Specialist EMDR level 1 & 2 working with children and adolescents
  • PG Dip Integrative Psychotherapy (CBT | Humanistic | Psychodynamic)
  • Post graduate training in CBT
  • Specialist training in Attachment & Parental group work | Anna Freud Centre
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Positive Parenting & Social Learning Theory- De Montfort University
  • Certificate in Drugs Counselling & Intervention Skills (University College Dublin)
  • Bachelor’s Degree (Hons) in Social Science (University College Dublin)
  • Extensive CBT training in working with adolescents (Tavistock)

Recent seminars & workshops

  • Advanced Toolbox for EMDR | Jim Knipe | 2016
  • PTSD, Dual Awareness & Sensory Nervous System | Babette Rothschild | 2016
  • Neuroscience & Attachment | Allan Schore | 2016
  • Therapeutic Implications of Neuroscience Research | Dr B. Van Der Kolk | 2016
  • Specialist EMDR with Children & adolescents | level 1 & 2 | Dr Morris-Smith | 2016
  • Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy- 8 week course | London | 2015
  • PTSD & Attachment training | Dr Felicity De Zulueta | 2015


I have been practising as a psychotherapist for over 15 years. I previously worked as a psychotherapist in the NHS and in Children and Young People’s Services (formerly Social Services). The diversity of my experience has allowed me to work with a wide range of issues. I have been in private practice for the past three and a half years

Membership & Registration

UKCP (reg: 2011163188), EMDR UK & Ireland & AFT

I am a BUPA registered and approved psychotherapist.


Telephone: 07944 722 539


Please enquire about my fees.


Sat 10am-6pm (couples/ families only)
Wednesdays 9am-1pm (individuals, couples, families)

I require 72 hours notice from the time of your appointment for cancelling a session.
Please feel free to check what availability I may have.

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